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The Master of Healthcare Innovation graduate is currently the senior director of programs and strategic initiatives at the nonprofit Feeding Matters in Phoenix, Arizona where she advocates on behalf of families who have children with feeding disorders. In her role, Pederson relies heavily on the skills and knowledge she gained through her coursework and experience in the MHI program. Some of those tools include mind mapping, looking at things from a systems standpoint and discovering different ways to approach problems in order to make changes.

But perhaps the most significant takeaway was a shift in her perspective about failure. She learned to not only become comfortable with it but also recognize failures for what they actually are, opportunities to grow. Sometimes nonprofits, especially, can be very nervous about that but because of my background in MHI, failure is okay.

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It just means we have more work to do. That awareness has helped Pederson be bold. Video of Learning to embrace failure helped Master of Healthcare Innovation alumna succeed. After a stint in the Army during the Korean War, Edson pursued his boating interest in his garage and started a small company that he eventually built up into Bayliner Marine Corp. Four decades later, he sold the largest manufacturer of luxury boats.

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Edson died Aug. Edson — who developed a luxury boat company on his desire, talent and keen entrepreneurial sense — made a gift to ASU to help future generations of students do the same thing. The gift formed an endowment that gives ASU students the opportunity to pursue their creative and business goals by providing seed money to help them along in their entrepreneurial quests. The awards are for any type of business — ranging from high-tech for-profit startups to nonprofit public-sector ventures. The endowed initiative was designed to spur innovative thought and entrepreneurial spirit in ASU students by providing them the means to pursue their business ideas.

Sybil and I will miss his friendship. The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative set the standard for entrepreneurial programs nationwide by providing students with the knowledge, skills and real-world experiences for entrepreneurial marketplace success. The gift geared toward entrepreneurship was just the beginning of his generosity to ASU. She and husband Crow have known the Edsons for more than 15 years. The research and education made possible by the Edsons' gifts to ASU will help others for generations to come.

ASU faculty members are pretty smart — and we don't just mean being experts on carbon capture , space exploration or Shakespeare and race. Here, they share their advice for students on making the most of the new school year. Students, feel free to take notes — this may or may not be on the final.

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Search ASU's iSearch directory. Sun Devil supporters bolstered scholarships, medical advancements, professorships and research opportunities as part of a banner fundraising year for the ASU Foundation. Nikki Hinshaw is one of more than 7, students who benefited from private scholarship support through the foundation to advance her learning opportunities.

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She received the Craig and Barbara Barrett Political Science Scholarship, which enabled her to study abroad and complete an internship in Washington, D. Without scholarships, she would not have been able to engage in these learning experiences that require additional expenses including travel and lodging, she told ASU Now in February. This spirit of generosity from donors is what enabled the ASU Foundation to set a fundraising record for the fifth consecutive year.

Of those, 25, were new donors. In addition to creating new scholarships for law students, the scholarship encouraged 36 first-time donors to give to ASU students. It all makes a tremendous impact on our students, faculty and the community. Private support funded a variety of initiatives and programs that will transform the university and community. Community-based businesses that benefited from private support include food truck and catering small businesses owned by women and underrepresented groups.

They have access to Prepped , a free early-stage food business incubator, through a collaboration with Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation and support from the College of Health Solutions. An anonymous donor invested in this opportunity to ensure the incubator had the staff and funding needed to help businesses.

Students in the School of Earth and Space Exploration were able to send their payloads — including live bees — into space thanks to donors Cathy and Peter Swan. Faculty not only benefited from private support, but also contributed to a culture of philanthropy. Nearly 2, faculty and staff members donated to Campaign ASU last fiscal year. Three transformational gifts received in the past year are intended to revolutionize medical discoveries, expand dementia research, further nursing education to offset the nursing shortage and revitalize Maryvale and other Arizona communities.

Worldwide, there are only five X-ray Free Electron Lasers, and researchers often have to wait as much as a year to use them. Charlene and J. Through a collaboration between community leaders and the university, the gift will enable embedded community services, strengthen entrepreneurial efforts and increase community engagement through the renamed Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

The Organized Parent: 365 Simple Solutions to Managing Your Home, Your Time and Your Familys Life

Campaign ASU was publicly launched in January to raise the long-term fundraising capacity of the university and focuses on six priorities including student access and excellence; student success; the academic enterprise; discovery, creativity and innovation; enriching our communities; and Sun Devil competitiveness. The fundraising campaign is in its final year. In just five years, an Arizona State University student engineering project has grown into a global humanitarian mission that is now poised to transform the way health care is delivered.

SolarSPELL began when Laura Hosman , an associate professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society , challenged her engineering students to create a solar-powered library that would fit into a backpack. Now the initiative has distributed hundreds of digital libraries filled with educational resources to communities in nine countries that have limited or no internet connectivity. Achiek, associate professor of surgery at the University of Juba. Photo by Hakim Monykuer Awuok. It works this way: Each weatherproof, portable case, which fits into a backpack, includes a small solar panel and a voltage regulator that plugs into a battery that powers a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

A micro digital memory card plugs into the microcomputer. The card contains all of the digital library content and some code that allows it to be accessed by any type of browser. The device creates a Wi-Fi hot spot, so no electricity or internet connection is needed.

Students then connect any Wi-Fi capable device, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, to access and download the content. Each memory card holds reading and math tutorials, science projects, health information or English lessons that are chosen specifically for each location. The content can be provided by the local community, drawn from open-source text and videos that are available for free on the internet or taken from textbooks that are used with permission. When it started, the SolarSPELL devices distributed mostly primary and secondary school lessons, but then the program expanded to include other kinds of education.

The young campers used their smartphones to access educational modules and outdoor STEM-related activities at the camp, which has limited internet access. Heather Ross , a clinical assistant professor in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation , was on the team that went to South Sudan, a country that was created in and has struggled with poverty and violence. Because the country has so few resources, there is no culture of practicing evidence-based medical care, she said. While medical guidelines exist, there is no way to distribute them to practitioners in the field, said Ross, who also is affiliated with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Global Security Initiative.

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So our project in the next 12 months is building that medical library. Making the content relevant to the local community is crucial. For example, medical guidelines say that for a slow heartbeat, a pacemaker should be implanted. ASU undergraduates and doctor of nursing practice students will be researching the best way to compile a medical library, finding the actual medical content and creating modules instructing people how to find and use the content. Last year, teams of ASU nursing students visited the small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu to deliver specially curated health content to remote villages.

Because the security situation in South Sudan is fragile, students did not accompany the SolarSPELL team earlier this month, but students have gone to other sites, including Tonga and Rwanda.


Feedback and revision are important parts of the process, and during the recent trip to South Sudan, where the first devices were delivered a year ago in a pilot program, the teachers asked for updated textbooks and modules to help them navigate the content, according to Bruce Baikie , the co-founder and technical lead of SolarSPELL and adjunct faculty in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. That funding will cover the cost of the devices, teacher training, follow-up support and evaluation.

The Fiji project came at the request of the Peace Corps director there, Hosman said.

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This summer, six interns are working full time on creating and curating content. This fall, engineering students will work on revising the portable case because the size of the tablets has changed. The program also is a good fit for students who are looking for applied projects or capstones, Hosman said. Every semester, there's a one-day session at the Polytechnic campus for volunteers to build the devices.

And, of course, working in the field is invaluable. Photo by Laura Hosman. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway. Look for new stories every week through Aug.

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His discovery came when he observed the calming effects that his dog Jingles had on a young patient who was struggling through a therapy session. When Jingles entered the room, the child relaxed, became more willing to participate and their communication improved. The AHS brings adoptable puppies to the park in downtown Phoenix to interact with students, faculty and staff. As a team full of animal lovers, we share a great passion about the mutual benefits of the human-animal connection. We want to share the joyous connection and mindful state each of us have felt around our animal friends. Students come up on their way to and from classes and see puppies they can hold and play with, and they light up. Many seem to arrive stressed but they all leave smiling and excited. Some teachers even bring their whole class down for a few minutes of shared happiness!

Gueci: The human-dog connection is a mutually beneficial one. Our symbiotic relationship goes back hundreds of years, when dogs adapted to become domesticated and we adapted to living side by side with them. Dogs tend to be very loyal and loving animals.