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Over time, innovations would expand the diversity and improve the quality of the educational options available. Our education system would produce literate and informed citizens, well prepared for adult life. The pages of the Educational Freedom Wiki explore the most promising ways of moving toward that ideal. Regrettably, America's current education system is very far from it. The vast majority of students are assigned to their school based on the location of their parent's home. Children from low-income families that cannot afford private schooling or homes in wealthier districts are trapped in underperforming schools.

Given their captive audiences, these schools are more responsive to bureaucrats and special interests than to students and their parents. Our education system's troubles are not confined to low-income districts — America's students as a whole lag behind many other industrialized nations on international tests. Government expenditures on K education have more than doubled over the last 40 years adjusted for inflation , and yet U.

Top-down regulations intended to improve quality instead stifle diversity and innovation. And rather than foster harmony, too often government schools force citizens into social conflict. To improve on these results, we should examine what sorts of education systems have consistently produced the best results across centuries and continents.

From ancient times until the present, in nations both wealthy and developing, the most market-like education systems have been the most efficient, produced the highest academic achievement, created the least social conflict, and been the most responsive to the evolving needs of parents and students. What America needs is more educational freedom. Parents must be free to choose the education that's best for their kids, no matter where they live or how much they earn.

Educators must be free to determine their own curricula and methods and free to set their own prices and compensation. Schools must be free to innovate and compete to attract and retain students. And they must be both free to profit from their successes and compelled to suffer losses for their failures, because the profit-and-loss system spurs innovation, efficiency, and the dissemination of best practices.

Compulsory Buddhist Education Diminishes Religious Freedom: UN Envoy

Likewise, educators must be free to compete in the labor market for positions that give them the greatest professional freedom and compensation. Historically, the only way parents have retained control over their children's education in the long run has been for them to assume, as much as possible, the direct financial responsibility for it. Fortunately, the research suggests that even modest parental co-payments significantly increase the efficiency of schools and their responsiveness to parents' demands. These components of educational freedom are interdependent.

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For example, parental choice is only meaningful if schools have the freedom and autonomy to differentiate themselves. Parents and citizens at large hold a legitimate diversity of views regarding what schools should teach and how they should teach it. But when government provides the schooling, questions of curriculum, pedagogy, morality, and sexuality are decided through the zero-sum political system.

Since the system creates winners and losers, government schooling too often pits citizens against each other. By contrast, educational freedom fosters social harmony. When parents can select the school their child attends, there is no need to fight with neighbors who hold different beliefs and educational preferences.

Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Instead, parents can choose schools that comport with their values and preferences. Milton Friedman once observed: "A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both. Digitalization is ever growing and will inevitably affect all sectors. Yet we still struggle to understand the extent of it and few are fully prepared for it: there is a change in the nature of the race between man and the machine, and the machine is running faster.

The challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments. How can lifelong learning answer these challenges in order to insure universal access to digital education? Mai in Kassel statt. Und wenn ja: Welche? Wenn nein: was kann an ihre Stelle treten? What do digitalization and demographic transition mean for learning in a migration society?

And in what ways can art advance change? Februar Course for professionals, teachers and student teachers from April The course will explore core concepts of Danish educational theory and practice that are foreign to many outsiders such as togetherness, the cultivation of character Bildung and of democratic values, enlightenment for life and the living word. The course will also aim to assess how these core concepts might be applied in other contexts.

It will also include visits to local free schools.

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The course will be held in English. CitizensLab is a new participatory European network for local actors of change. The aim is to strengthen and connect active citizens from all sectors that are passionals about their local community. They engage in finding innovative solutions to challenges in their neighbourhood - be it as volunteers or in their jobs. Thanks for hosting us! A perfect storm is an expression that describes an unusual coming together of happenings which when combined will have some disastrous effects.

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In England the school system is reaching a point when the developments of the last fifteen years are combining to seriously damage the education of children and young people. This brief paper carries a warning for other European countries who may under pressure from the education for economic growth lobby be tempted to adopt similar policies.

European Forum for Freedom in Education. What is up in education? The conference will take place at the very hospitable village Astritsi in Crete. The speeches, workshops, games and warm conversations of the community will be surrounded by a traditional Greek scenery of unique natural beauty.

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  5. Conference goals: To bring together all initiatives on alternative education in Greece. To link education to social organization and facilitate a manifesto of social emancipation.

    World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development

    To contribute towards redefining democracy and imbuing democratic values. To foster international and interclass networking. To create open educational structures available to minorities, through cooperative initiatives. To collect resources for the creation of a long term program introducing democratic methods in public schools. The workshop takes place from November , in Berlin.

    CitizensLab prototype for education. Learn more about CitizensLab. Review of EU key competences framework. We regard both competences to be prerequisite for an inclusive and sustainable society. Read the position paper. Competendo - Methods and Inspiration for Empowerment.

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    Lifelong Learning Platform - Annual Conference Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Schools of tomorrow. Bundestreffen der Freinet-Kooperative. International Democratic Education Conference. Register now for the International Democratic Education Conference. CitizensLab - a network for local actors of change. Freie Schule Spatz - Offenburg Resolution. Adobe Acrobat Document