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Every time you purchase vegan food instead of animal products, you are directly withholding money from the animal agricultural industry. We have a direct impact every time we sit down for a meal! Why are animals treated this way? These animals are viewed as products. Is eating vegan healthy?

Everything you need to live a healthy life can be found in plant-based food: protein, iron, calcium, etc. In fact, eating animal products has actually been linked to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The truth behind the lies in The Farewell

But where do you get protein? From plants! Some great plant protein sources include: rice and beans, nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, and vegan meat alternatives. Can athletes be vegan?

The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies

Is vegan food expensive? We are also investing in marketing to help spread the word in the market. Will: We did a lot of brainstorming. Adam interrupting : no-one I have ever spoken to has heard of this phrase, are you sure you are not just pulling my leg? The idea is that we make lead generation on LinkedIn as easy as possible.

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And I quite like ducks. In fact, this works as a nice analogy to how our users have a LinkedIn tool that will automate time consuming manual activities on LinkedIn and works hard for them in the background, whilst they serenely carry on with more productive tasks. Will: Growth hacking is about using innovative tools to achieve growth. Something similar happened in enterprise software where data used to be stored in spreadsheets and it was a struggle for sales and marketing people to extract value from it.

There is so much data online and it is accessible not just for the tech savvy generation but anyone who can use a web browser. Which also means it has the potential for a global audience. The reason why growth hacking has taken off is that it accelerates social selling. Used in the right way, growth hacking can provide the data and content delivery mechanisms required to enable more effective relationship building and engagement.

Will: Growth hacking is following the diffusion of innovation lifecycle that Everett Rogers identified back in Now, we are seeing the rest of the market tuning into the added value that automation tools can bring to a LinkedIn premium subscription. It is cropping up as a more mainstream agenda topic at marketing conferences.

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The case studies that we have published on our website show the scale of benefits that can be achieved. Other companies like to hear about how lead generation and social selling challenges have been overcome using LinkedIn automation. Technology and our market are moving so rapidly that any projections 5 years into the future are likely to be meaningless. I believe that social selling will become as mainstream as one to one marketing. Additionally, as more of our lives take place online, the natural evolution will be more automation, using artificial intelligence-driven insights and predictive capabilities to target the audience more effectively with even greater levels of personalisation.

However, if I look into my crystal ball for 2 years ahead, I think that we can make some good predictions. LinkedIn automation tools will become fully integrated into the corporate IT environment allowing greater end to end control over lead generation.

This integration is the number one requested feature and one that we have recently put into Dux-Soup Turbo. Having said that, there is a large number of small business users that continue to get value from Dux-Soup Pro. They will be using the platform for its core automation features that can support building accurate, responsive lead generation campaigns.

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With the late majority still to come, there is huge potential for continued growth. Will: I start the day at 7. As soon as I am back,I go into work mode which means emails, checking the support tickets, and dealing with any urgent user queries. I aim to do some exercise before having lunch with my wife who also works from home. In the afternoon I work on development and coding, and mix this up with hosting the technical and support calls which is something that we launched fairly recently.

I really enjoy these sessions as it means I am in direct contact with our customers. After spending time with the family again after dinner, I start work again in the evening.

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This is pretty much the same routine that I follow 6 days a week. Will: I have always been driven by a desire to find better, smarter ways to solve problems. I think this is why Iove my work so much. Each day I can be working on a different user challenge. I am also focused on growing our customer base. If I can do this successfully then it will provide a fantastic foundation for the development of the company.

What is your favourite TV show? The second series, set in Elizabethan times has the funniest scenes and immensely quotable lines — I have a cunning plan! A more recent show that I really like is Superstore, a comedy set in the fictional Cloud 9 department store.

As you can see from my answers, I like to laugh and I try not to take myself too seriously. Adam: Final question, if you could have a super power for a day what would it be? When he first contacted me he used a pseudonym since his life was at risk, as Katherine Eban explains in detail in her new book about Indian generics called Bottle of Lies. All health advocates were delighted that Indian companies could make cheap and highly effective medication. They had spent years immersed in the intricacies of altering test data, from the research and development phase through to commercial manufacturing, all while managing questions from skeptical regulators.

They had learned a system that aimed to get drug applications approved at record speed, even before the company mastered how to make the drug in question. Now these executives were leaving Ranbaxy in droves…getting jobs throughout the industry, taking their colleagues and their skillsets with them. Data infractions may sound trivial but they lead to lethal outcomes.

For example, Ranbaxy sold numerous substandard products that probably compromised HIV and TB patients in Africa and with unknown effects in US and Wockhardt, another Indian firm, sold insulin it knew was potentially lethal to patients, including in US. While the most acute problem is the short run danger to patients, the longer run risk is that substandard products will drive antimicrobial resistance.

Muhammed Zaman of Boston University coauthored the first study to link substandard drugs to antimicrobial resistance.