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Both grew up with a love of learning, God and culture. Stories include a combination of classics, with the historic notations. Book includes the lyrics and histories of the composers and lyricists as well as the songs.

In addition explore Christian areas of the Holy Land and England through pictures. Full Color or black and white paperback. Beat the Drums!

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Santa by Eloise, Dec. Snowman by Mo, Jan.

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The first chill of autumn air sets my heart pining for the music and the sentiment just builds and builds to the crescendo of the day itself when I am delighted by the knowledge that the fun is not really over, since Christmas is to be celebrated for TWELVE DAYS. By the time the Epiphany rolls around, I am fully satiated with joy and ready for the soulful inner reflection brought on by the long winter nights ahead. But here I am October, right at the beginning of it this year. Christmas music which is always on my iPod constantly warms the spirit of my kitchen as I go about the mom activities of every day life.

Really, few things give me deeper pleasure than making food for my family with blue grass instrumentals of Christmas songs to keep me company. A couple of years ago, my son Mo made the most terrific Santa and Rudolph out of construction paper.

Stolen Child

I absolutely went ga-ga over it…a delightfully well done act of creativity and ingenuity. Last year, I carefully took it apart and laminated the pieces so we could preserve it. Just made out of construction paper, it was already beginning to disintegrate and fade. But it still needed a great background. Yesterday, Mo and I went to the local fabric store and got some felt and other materials to make the sky for Santa and Rudolph to fly in. We picked out felts in blues and a poplin printed with nighttime swirls and stars.

We also found a thin blue mesh sprinkled with blue glitter and Mo said that it would look great on top of everything to give it all a glimmer he was right! To have gotten this special time with my son and to have something that delights me so much are real holiday treasures.


I miss my mom ever day. She taught me to love music and that will last my whole life long.

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Vilambit - The term Vilambit is used to denote the slow speed or tempo of the Tal. Jeff Bailey has performed in a wide variety of musical settings as a musician, composer, and producer. Basic analytical and technical terms, concepts and issues. Introduces students to the various elements of film form and to how those constituent parts create meaning , e.

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Introduces important themes and thinkers from the fields of critical theory and cultural studies and explores how musical behaviors and phenomena relate to matters of ideology, nationality, ethnicity, social class, race, and gender download.